Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fabrics breeds by cell dividing

I know it is true - I have seen it again -
fabrics breeds by cell dividing !
Remember, I thought I would run out of purple fabrics of a certain shade.
Well, as you understand, I did not, and I still have enough for the binding + some more.
Thanks for all the generous offers to send me more purple :-)

The 56 purple and white blocks are done and out on the floor, but it is to dark to take a photo just now.
I have joined the blocks in sections of 4 blocks, and if any of you are math wizes, you will notice it does not add up, so there are 12 sections of 4 blocks and one row of single blocks.
Many seams to match and a lot of work to do yet.
I will quilt this quilt in sections too, as I did DD2's quilt.
This is my goal for the upcoming week.

Prolonging June one extra week did not finish more on my goal list,
but made me rethink it a bit.
The applique block will be archived for now - not really tickles me as it is at the moment.

Time to call it a day here - more tomorrow.


Patti said...

And scraps breed faster than anything else - I swear they do!

cher said...

good to not run out of put this quilt together pretty fast I think!

Norma said...

Breaking the quilt into manageable pieces for quilting is an excellent idea when you are trying to work on such a large project.

Screen Door said...

My husband always laughs about how we can sew the tiny pieces back together to make quilts....have fun
Good nite--

Bonnie said...

Glad you had plenty of purple. Is this cell division because of the clean air in Norway?

ForestJane said...

I wish it WOULD breed and divide sometimes, especially batting ... lol

The Calico Cat said...

YAY for having enough purple!

Marcie said...

My fabric breeds also, but I do have quite a bit of "reproduction fabric"! Love the purple quilt! Also your red and white insane blocks are great! Regarding your trade idea: E-mail me at and I would love to send you some red. Thanks for the offer!