Monday, June 05, 2006

Progress in the making

DD1 made me these cute hearts today !
She is so good with pixel art !

Sewing wise I am also making progress with DD2's quilt.
All the blocks are finished, and I am joining them into rows.
Hopefully I can finish the top into 2 units, ready for machine quilting, this evening.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and hugs I received after my last post.
It is very much appreciatied and very heart warming !


cher said...

hope you get your surgery soon Hanne! meanwhile, good for you to turn to quilting as a way to distract yourself and feel good!
big hugs

Laurie Ann said...

Sending healing thoughts your way! Hopefully your surgery will come soon so you can focus on recovering.

Samantha said...

DD2s quilt looks wonderful, and I will keep you in my thoughts. Hope you get the surgery ASAP!

Linda_J said...

You are making good progress then, if the blocks are done, Hanne. You are making the most of the time indoors, even if it was forced on you right now. Hang in there.

Lizzy said...

My thoughts are with you Hanne. I hope your health improves. May you be blessed.


The Calico Cat said...

I hope that you are feeling better & that your surgery is a success! When I saw your daughters pixelated hearts, I saw a quilt pattern... just use squares in the varrying colors & sew them together...