Sunday, June 25, 2006


My house was clean last week, sorry you did not see it.
I got this cute little wallhanging as a gift a couple of years back, and it is on the wall in my hall, greeting my guest and bringing forth many smiles :-)
My house is clean enough to be healthy and organized enough to be cozy ;-)
Yesterday, when I was looking in my closet for dressing up formal,
I found that most of my formal clothes was 2 sizes to big, outdated or worn out,
so today I had a fling in the closet.
I encouraged DH to do the same, and now a lot is out of here.
I need to go shopping for 2 formal skirts, one black and one lighter, and I will before long.
Going through my clothes makes me think that I don't need very much as long as it looks good and goes well together.
I rather have less and change it more often.
"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."
- Wayne Dyer, author and speaker
The same goes for my quilting - I like to use what I have, scrappy is the best anyway,
and buy when I need anything, not just for the sake of buying.
It has not always been like that - hence a good, yet shrinking fabric collection :-)
BTW - when I have your attention - the pillow and pressure can cover was very well received - very good gift to one who has an abundance as well :-)


Jeanne said...

Yes, you are back -- I can see you now.

This little embroidery piece is charming!

Good girl for weeding out your closet -- I need to do that more regularly!


Laurie said...

WOW...clothes 2 sizes TOO big! That is an AWESOME feeling!!! Love the little embroidery piece as well!

Linda_J said...

Is this what the pillow says?--
"My house is clean enough to be healthy and organized enough to be cozy"

I do so love redwork! Wish I had more time to do it.

Wenche H said...

Love it, Hanne.. ;-) *LOL*

Hugs from Wenche H

Lucy said...

OOhh Hanne I would die for the pattern from the stitchery ! It is so great !

ForestJane said...

That sounds like my philosophy - I may just have to make something with that quote!

Thanks for showing it to us. :)