Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Life is giving me some scraps, so I am sorting & flinging scraps !
Nothing is like a good fling !

What got flung was small scraps, smaller than 1,5" x 6", odd shapes, white on whites not longer so white, more like yellowish, and coarse / stiff fabrics.
I also flung some poly/cotton blends from my aunt's collection,
and organized the rest of her collection (now mine) to my liking, sorted on colours :-)
Even DH was impressed.

I have been quilting for 20 years and have had access to good American quilting fabrics for about 12 - 14 years.
I have saved every snip and cut, and I have used a lot of it for making miniature blocks over the years, but now it was time to let go of a lot of of it.
Rest assured, I have a lot more scraps to use - the scraps of good quality fabrics, in usable sizes and with pleasant prints. Headless cats do not make good blocks, even on the best of days ......

This is a view of some of the saved scraps, after I flung 4 grocery bags full - about 4/5 of the amount I sorted today was flung.
The rest is sorted by colour and put in zip lock bags.
I have a lot of other zip lock bags from before, so if I need a sort and fling again I will not be out of work ;-)
I am looking forward to do some string quilts in the future with my newly sorted scraps !

I messed up the sidebar of my blog earlier this evening by putting in a gif that did not fit. It made the sidebar to wide, so it was pushed to the bottom instead of staying on the side.
Whatever I did I was not able to find the gif and remove it,
which proves I am not very good with coding. DD1 could not help me either.
DD1's boyfriend, who is a computer wiz, fixed it for me from his computer, over the telephone. Again he has proven himself a keeper, in his own friendly way. He is not making fun of me - he is sweet (and smart as well) :-)


cher said...

I am sure all of us have had our coding challenges and needed help Hanne-your blog looks good-and your version of bento box blocks are great!

JudyL said...

I think almost every one of us who has messed with our blog has done that same thing. The first time I did it, and moved my sidebar all the way to the bottom, it took me days to figure it out.

Sounds like you did a great job of cleaning up and flinging.

Judy L.

Laurie Ann said...

It must have been hard to take those bags to the garbage can, but I am sure you feel good now and you can focus on those strings that are left! I really like your Bento Box. That is on my list for a pattern to buy and make. Thanks for sharing!!

quiltpixie said...

What an intersting idea.... throw out fabric that really will never be used.... hmmmm may have to explore such a parrelell universe one day :-)

Samantha said...

great job flinging!!!

Laurie said...

Love the Bento Box quilt! VERY cool! Thanks for sharing! Welcome to Stash Quilts!

Jeanne said...

Hi Hanne! Welcome! Good job on sorting AND tossing -- I need to do more of that!
Jeanne :)