Thursday, May 25, 2017

Paying It Forward and Giving Back


As I am refolding my fabric collection I see how much it is, and it is quite overwhelming really, taken in that I love to make tiny blocks and work by hand the very best.

As I have been folding like 1/4 of my stash over the last days - or maybe less than 1/4, I have not yet come across a piece of fabric that I do not love - that is always something :-)


Well - it is time for some serious action - I do not like to have this much fabrics.
It is all to much, as the professional organizer Peter Walsh would say.
There are some colours and fabrics that I do not love as much as others, but I love them nevertheless ;-)

I have always said that we shall support our local (quilt) stores, especially the independent ones.
My local quilt shop is closing shortly, like in about one month.
Marianne has chosen to find other work and I wish her the very best of luck!
She will still be in the business, so I know our paths will cross, but she will not be a shop owner and she will not be so local, but she will have more time to be with her loved ones and  take care of herself.
That is the most important things of all, we all know that!

I am grateful for the years she has run the shop - and I feel blessed to have had her only minutes from my home.
Marianne has always given the very best service and she will be missed!

The short distance to the shop has off course influenced on my fabric collection. It will be easier to keep on track with the fabric diet now that my nearest quilt shop will be further away from my Quilt Corner.
I will however miss very much to have a supplier of everything, like the latest Anni Downs patterns, needles, embroidery floss, batting and what not, close to my home.
Conclusion - I will not shop the closing sale for fabrics - I have what I need and then some!

How to shrink my fabric collection:

I will make more care quilts for children with cancer and other long term diseases.
I found this book in my book shelves - I have a nice collection of books too - I love my books as much as I love my fabrics :-)


I think this book is perfect for some stash reduction in fabrics for fronts, batting scraps and backing fabric.


My sewing has carried me through all kinds of days - through laughter and tears, through pain and through good days - you know sewing and fabrics are the very best pain killers, right?  :-)
Sometimes a good shopping spree combined with sewing has been the cure too!

I feel so blessed to be a quilter, and I feel so blessed that I can do something good for others too.

I know that the care quilts will be very well received, and I can not possibly make quilts for myself and my loved ones from all my fabrics, right ?
I like the thought of Paying It Forward to someone needing a hug!

I will share with you if/when I make fabric purchases through the rest of the year - I am making myself accountable :-)

Did I mention that my dear husband will love my shrinking of fabrics and batting scraps too? Not? ;-)


Stay creative,


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

There has been some knitting going on


I have knitted quite a lot through the winter, come to think of it :-)
I find that I love best to knit wool socks and dish cloths - they are not to big and heavy, and is easy to finish.
I have a stash of yarn too, but not to big, so far :-)

Here is a selection:

The socks above and below are from
Tantulltuss - I love her designs!
The pair above I have myself, the pair below I gave away as a gift for someone special.


These socks I gave to May Britt for Christmas:
The pattern is free on Ravelry -
Blueberry Waffle Socks, and the yarn is from Arne & Carlos, variegated wool.
There is a Norwegian translation available


These fingerless mittens I used a lot - the pattern is  Belyse on Ravelry.
I will make more of these, with thinner yarn - like baby yarn or thin sock yarn.
I was so cold this winter due to some health challenges, so I wore these fingerless indoors too.


I knitted countless dish cloths, for my own use and for gifts.
The pattern Bird Cherry is available for free, along with a lot of other nice patterns at Bittamis Design For Strikkelystne on Facebook. You have to be a member of the group to get the free patterns. I knit my dishcloths in 100 % cotton yarn.


The biggest finish was this off-white jacket - I used it a lot. It is knitted from the top down.
I will knit myself another one in a while. It was fast and fun to make.
I have shrunk and need a size smaller.
Pattern from Ravelry again, Falling Leaves Cardigan




to knit

Wishing you a lovely day,
wherever you are!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Fabric therapy in real life

20170521_183613 (1)

Sometimes, in spite of the best laid plans, life hits, smash bang in my face, and I need time to think.
I can't sew and think serious thoughts at the same time very well, so I decided to do fabric therapy - not as in retail therapy, but as in sorting and organizing.

Over the last year the minimalist thinking has caught with me - not that it shows here in Quilt Corner (yet), but I hope it will, before to long.
It shows in all my other belongings, and minimalism is a journey - and I enjoy every step of it.

I know that there is a good chance we are not living in this house in let's say 10 years time, and if we downscale I will probably not have the same space to spread out like I can today.

I think it is a sad thought to maybe have to sell or give away my lovely fabrics to scale down, so I am officially going on a fabric diet.
I am also saving for more lovely trips with my dear husband and with the best quilting friends - and I can not use my money twice - travel and quilt friend fun are so much more worth to me that having more new fabrics right now.

I will forever buy nice patterns, books and every notion I need - and probably a few I do not really need too :-)

I started with some of my pink fabrics last night, folding them KonMari style
to fit the rather not so deep drawer in my old and beloved desk.


This morning I continued with my purple fabrics.
It is a joy to touch and refold every piece of beautiful fabric!
By refolding I could change the big deep box that is more like a black hole when I want something, to 2 smaller boxes and 4 bigger pieces on the side that I can stack elsewhere.

I even found a nice piece of my favourite purple from Lecien that I thought I had used all of :-)


Some of the fabrics can not be refolded yet, like the one with the ribbon, which I bought in a special store, and every time I see it I feel like smiling.
The one with the green dot on, just the same - bought in a special shop on a special trip.
I will eventually I will use both fabrics in some nice project :-)



My fabrics spark joy, as is what Konmari (Marie Kondo) asks - my fabrics makes me happy, but more fabrics will not make me happier.

Do I feel better after all the fabric folding?
Yes I do, and I think I can sew some now - I have quilts to make :-)



Wishing you a good day, wherever you are!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Full focus pays off :-)


Yes - I am doing a happy dance for meeting my weekend goal of finishing this quilt top :-)


Dear husband helped me layer the quilt top with batting and backing just now, and the angel will be laying on the dinner table until tomorrow, when I can start putting safety pins through the layers.
I plan to machine quilt this quilt myself through the upcoming week.
I am not a fancy machine quilter, but I will do my best!



Saturday, May 20, 2017

Focus project progress - feeling a bit liberated too!


I have been working on my angel quilt :-)
All the applique pieces, except the feet and shoes are now machine appliqued. The shoes touches the borders, so I can not do any more applique before the borders are done.


Usually I do not like to piece long borders, but I have decided to do just that - I do not want to buy the full height of different fabrics just to make borders for this quilt. I found some good fabrics in my stash.
I am feeling a bit wild, crazy and liberated now ;-)

have fun



One thread at a time


It is nothing I love better than quiet handwork.
Sometimes I listen to music on Spotify, sometimes I watch a movie on TV or on my computer, sometimes I spend time with friends, sometimes I enjoy quiet - the stitcheries are (almost) always with me.



This design is called Best Friends Forever, by Rosalie Dekker, and I bought the full BOM set at Kathrines Quilte Stue a while back.


Every time I travel to a retreat in Shipshewana I like to start a new hand work project, so I can sew my travel experiences into it - I think about my friends every time I see the project after I come home too.



"I still have 28 stitcheries to enjoy before this project is done - many hours of happy quiet work.



Wishing you a lovely weekend, wherever you are!


Monday, May 15, 2017



I am so grateful for being surrounded by colours and fabrics and floss!
I quilt and stitch through all kinds of days - through laughter and tears, and the colours brighten my every day!

Above is all the fabrics I bought on my last trip to USA in April. It is easy to see my taste - clear colours, not to busy prints, CW reproduction like prints and a lot of white :-)


A friend of mine
posted The Quilter's Code of Facebook the other day.
It is so fun - and for me, so true, all of the codes can be checked!
The USA shopping absolutely contributed to STABLE :-)

Wishing you a wonderful day, wherever you are!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

I promise again :-)

IMG_20170513_164037_432In the beginning of 2017 I promised myself to blog often - but due to some health issues and a lot of life getting in the way of both quilting and blogging, it did not happen.


In April I met my friend LuAnn in Shipshewana and we talked about our blogs and that we both would like to get back to blogging.

Our promise to each other is blogging at least once a month -
May Britt and Deb also talked about joining in.
I see that Deb has already started blogging - you are an inspiration!

I need to shrink my Ufo "collection" again - and I have picked these 4 Ufos to be finished first, the angel quilt being my Ufo focus project for the month of May.
I am tired of seeing it being stored in a box.
Life is to short to drown in Ufos!

plan a plan b

Stay safe and creative - wherever you are!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My not so secret knitter within


I have been knitting quite a lot though 2016 - and it has been great fun!
Originally I gave up knitting some years back. My arms were hurting badly, but with new needles and a new exercise regime, I can knit again. If not daily, enough to bring me joy.

I have knitted mostly dishcloths and socks, which are small enough to not weigh much on my arms and quick enough to get done.
I just went through my yarn - I do not want to build a stash or a knitting Ufo collection.


So for now, I have 3 projects going - the jacket above, with the crazy happy colour arms. It is in the final stages, and I cut the front and the armholes open yesterday.

A pair of purple and white mittens.

A dishcloth started yesterday evening.

I gave away a huge stack of dishcloths for Christmas and 3 pair of socks - and I am replenishing my gift box with more dishcloths - nice to knit, nice to give and nice to get.

May Britt mentioned the sock book below yesterday, and I found it in a store today. I had to visit a few shops to find it, and it is filled with nice sock patterns of all kinds.


I have shopped Ravelry for several cool patterns through the last year too - so much creativity going on amongst different designers world wide!
It is great to be able to download a pattern right away.

If you want to take a look at what I knitted in 2016, you can look in on my Instagram account. I have decided to not try to do any catch up here on the blog, it will just make my head spin ;-)


This is my favourite nearly-no-brain pattern for dishcloths.
It is a free pattern from Bittami's Facebook group called Bird Cherry.
It goes with all kinds of cotton yarn, and always looks good.
Maybe I can cast off number 5 for 2017 tonight?
It is relaxing to watch TV and knit at the same time, and dear husband likes the company.


beautful things

Wishing you a lovely day,
wherever you are


Sunday, January 15, 2017

I promise………..


I promise to have fun in Quilt Corner every day, come rain or shine :-)

Sometimes that will be embroidery, other times it will be knitting, crochet, and most times it will be quilting and fabric related.

I will not promise to finish all my Ufos. not in 2017, not ever, and I will not stop shopping, or use all that I have here before shopping more.

Not long ago I was asked to front a No Shopping challenge……
Sorry, that is not me - I believe in supporting our shops - if we do not support our quilt shops, craft shops and yarn shops, soon we will be without any!
Most of our shops are independent and need our business continuously!

I promise to use from what I have, AND add new fabrics, patterns, books and yarn when I feel like it, guilt free - that's me in a nut shell :-)
I love to mix and match fabrics, and I will always need some new "spices" in any project.

In 2017 - I promise - to take care of myself in every way best to my health - feeding my body and soul with what is most important to me.
Sometimes that will mean I will retreat to Quilt Corner instead of being out and about, to keep away from people with colds and influenzas, or just to recharge my batteries.
If I am tired I will keep quiet, even on the blog, which is what has happened over the last couple of weeks. I had other plans at the beginning of the year, but you know, the best laid plans of men and mice…….
When I am tired, I do enjoy hand work so much - winter is not my season physically - and I feel that more year by year.
I am counting my blessings every day when I enjoy my books, my projects and all - they add sparkles to any day, both the good and the not so good.

I promise to keep up keeping up with my focus projects - and am starting a 1for1+6,2017 challenge for myself.
For every new start there must be at least 1 finish, + 6 more finishes through the year.
I did a similar challenge for myself in 2016 too, and even if I did not count to closely I know I finished more than I started, for what that is worth for me.

I have picked some focus projects to start the new year:


Knitting, stitchery, free hand embroidery, machine piecing and making a quilt from last year's stitchery - all this should keep me busy for a while.

I do not promise to keep on track with my focus project all the time, but sometimes is better than not at all ;-)

I solemny swear

Wishing you a lovely day
wherever you are