Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas wishes


For me, this year turned out quite different from what I first planned and thought, but when one door closes, another door opens, and good things will keep on happening.

The last week of the year is often filled with plans for the new year.
Good things will happen, happy stitches, friendships will grow and good days will be had.

My family is home for Christmas, and I think it is a good time to send you my Christmas wishes:

I wish for all children (of all ages) that no harm will come to you this Christmas. I wish you can feel safe and warm, inside and out!
I wish for all who are in grief that you will be comforted.
I wish for all who are in pain that you will get relief.
I wish for all who need a hand to hold that it will be one there for you.
I wish for all who feel alone that you will have company. I wish you can enjoy a good meal and the flicker of candle lights


Thank you for being part of my life!


                            Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Houses, 3" and 6"

2014-10-26 14.26.21

I have had many nice feedbacks this autumn about the Tiny Shipshewana House foundation paper piecing pattern - thank you :-)
They are fun to make and you can easily combine the 3" houses with 6" houses.
I promised someone to share the 6" pattern earlier, but lately things has taken time, TTT :-)

I will share my files with you, both the 3" and the 6" houses.

3" -  HERE and HERE

6" -  HERE and HERE

I have draw this house myself, in EQ7


You can make as many houses as you like and turn them into quilts or smaller things,  to keep, to give away or to sell, adjusting the size of the block if you so prefer,
I will ask you kindly not to teach from my pattern and
not to copy it to your blog or website.
You are welcome to refer your friends to my blog to print their own pattern :-)
To get the block to print in the right size, make sure you un-check the Fit To Page option on your pdf print page.
If you make house blocks I will be so happy if you show me a photo :-)


Have fun - enjoy Advent :-)


Monday, December 01, 2014

Advent - candle light season


Coffee, candle light and stitchery in the mornings are never wrong, and I do enjoy seeing the night turning into daylight now in the darkest time of the winter.


True to our nice Advent tradition, May Britt and I have made Advent Sunday calendars to each other this year too.


I opened my first packet in the afternoon when I lit the first Advent candleIMG_20141130_190815May Britt has prepped a lovely snowman stitchery to me - thank you very much :-)


I do enjoy a little knitting now and then too - and I finished the knitting on this scarf last night. It is nice to sit and watch TV with DH, with the feet up high.

Thank you ever so much for all the lovely comments and personal mails I got after my previous post!
I am so old that I grew up learning to tell no one about my physical limitations and pains,
use as little aiding equipment as possible, and it is embedded in my mind that there are no troubles, only challenges, and all you shall do is to bite your teeth together and go on.

Well, it is good to know that when the challenges lately have grown over my head, there are so much support out there.
I wish I could give you all a hug!
I feel like I have been outing myself as a whole person - I think you know what I mean - and it is very freeing :-)


Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy
It stands there shining by itself
and for us who are present
Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small stitches, great joy


I am so enjoying working on the Simply Blessed stitcheries, and my goal for the weekend is to finish the Nature block.

It has been a long autumn, and the blog has been badly neglected.
I have posted a lot on Instagram though, as I have been baking and cooking healthy, and
moved a lot of projects in small steps forward.
Instagram is more like sending a postcard - quick and easy. You can find me there by the name Hanne Schneider, or hannequilt.

Personal content alert - stop reading here, if you so prefer.

Health wise I have been a mess.
Living with spastic Cerebral Palsy for 54 years is taking a high toll.
I am taking the needed more needed actions now and am in process of getting a wheel chair so I can still participate in the good events in life.
Over the last few years I have been moving from 1 walking cane, to 1 crutch, to 1 crutch + 1 ankle support brace, to 2 crutches + 2 support braces.
Not mentioning chronic joint and muscle inflammations, severe intestine palsies, asthma and chronic fatigue.

I will rather use my strength to do the things I love, like sewing, writing, occasional teaching, laughing with friends, loving with family, than to walk on my 2 feet all the time.
I hope I can get a wheel chair in a cool colour, like turquoise, pink or purple though, and I hope it does not take to long to get through the paper mill of bureaucracy of our national health care system!

I have been arguing long and hard whether to share this on my blog or not,
and I have found that this is as good a time as any,
and now it is out there - I am not sure if it is with a sigh of relief or not - yet!

I have been taking actions with a healthier diet and have lost over 35 lbs. over the last year.
I am pretty proud of that, as it has been without running around the block - "just" by doing (some rather big) changes in my diet.
It did not really cut my problems, but it has been good anyway.

On Monday I will start with a special class in water aerobics, warm water, and I am sure it will be a good addition to my already 2 days a week working out at gym + physiotherapy regime.

I am doing my best to be the best version of myself, most of the time!

I have been showered in love from some blog people who have missed me in blogland -
you know who you are!
<3 Love you too <3

good friends


Monday, October 20, 2014

Houses in my heart


I am building and building, and I have so much fun with these small 3" houses!
Lucky me have got scraps from friends to put into my houses too, and that makes them even more fun and special!

I have had a wonderful oval weekend with friends at a hotel 1 hour from where I live.
The company was great, the food was great, and it was a lot of laughter and fun.
Gretha has a lot of lovely photos HERE.
Thanks Gretha, for letting me use the 2 photos below :-)

hus klaekken 2
If you will like to build houses with me, I am happy to share my pattern with you.
I have drawn the house myself, from scratch, in EQ7.
I call the house block Tiny Shipshewana House, in anticipation of a new travel to Shipshewana, Indiana, USA, in November 2015.

I have not seen anything exactly like this house online, in any book or magazine,
and the block is not in the EQ7 library.

hus klaekken

You can download the pattern in 2 parts HERE and HERE - one page to show you how to divide the foundation paper piecing pattern into sections, and the other page for printing multiple houses to 1 page.

If you are new to foundation paper piecing you can do a search online and find a lot of tutorials for the technique.

Please keep in mind that this is my pattern and I enjoy sharing it with you.

You can make as many houses as you like and turn them into quilts or smaller things,  to keep, to give away or to sell, adjusting the size of the block if you so prefer,
I will ask you kindly not to teach from my pattern and
not to copy it to your blog or website.
You are welcome to refer your friends to my blog to print their own pattern :-)

To get the block to print in the right size, make sure you un-check the Fit To Page option on your pdf print page.

If you make house blocks I will be so happy if you show me a photo :-)


In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures ~ Kahlil Gibran


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A new neighbourhood


I am building a new neighbourhood :-)

I am building the block by use of drawing tools in EQ7, from scratch, and I am foundation paper piecing the houses by machine.

The block above, called Tiny Shipshewana House, is not in the EQ7 library, and I have not seen any house exactly the same online or in any book or magazine.

I am leaving the old neighbourhood behind.
Not with grief, but with a sense of wonder, as I burnt the midnight oil searching the internet and found that same house as I pieced earlier in so many places, published on blogs and websites, in many different sizes, including the 3", several people having drawn it in different versions of EQ over the years, like I did.
It can be downloaded a lot of places.

I am leaving that wasp's nest, and return to my sewing now :-)

I will be away from Quilt Corner this weekend, bringing my Tiny Shipshewana House blocks and other nice sewing, spending time with friends. I am so looking forward to quality quilting time away from home!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tiny houses, tiny scraps

Inspired by different blogs and and many quilts i have seen online I draw this tiny house in EQ7, and it all went downhill from there - or maybe not that downhill really ;-)

I have always loved foundation paper piecing and it is nice to work with small pieces of fabrics, and EQ7 is the very best tool to make foundation paper piecing patterns.
I even enjoy picking all the small pieces of paper out after a block is done.
My sewing machine is my friend :-)

I plan to do a lap quilt, but I know that I can not stick to doing one house a day for long.
Life gets in the way, health gets in the way every so often too, so I guess I will stick to my normal whimsical self, and work in skips and jumps, as usual.

With a sharpened pair of scissors:


and some assorted scraps:


I was ready to hit the building business.

This morning I also found a lovely box just the right size for my tiny 3" blocks


I have been posting my blocks on Instagram as I finish them - you can find me as hannequilt - 5 down, a lot to go.
Many people has asked for my EQ7 drawing, but I can not share it.

I am sorry, but I have been made aware at I have been doing a copyright violation by sharing my houses with you, as the house block is copyrighted by Jeanneke at
I am so sorry for having stepped wrong. It was not my intention.

Jeanneke has a lovely blog with a lot of house quilts HERE and another blog HERE
She makes her houses by hand and she sells a lovely rubber stamp which makes hand piecing very nice.

Note: I have edited my text and my quilt plan to reflect what I have been made aware of since I first posted this blog post


Monday, October 06, 2014

Making a calm spot for myself


I have always heard that a tidy desk is a sign of an empty mind……
I am working on making my desk and my new Quilt Corner more tidy than before, as I find that to many thing and clutter turns the creativity flow right off.
Maybe it is another sign of age ??

Our house is still under renovation, but we are getting there, step by step.
The comfy chairs are in the corner that used to be Quilt Corner before.

As you can see I now have a wall where I can hang quilts!!
DH is currently working on the small corner where the fireplace will come, and he also have some plans about a hanging rod for quilts behind the chairs.



always believe


Sunday, October 05, 2014

Life in the fast lane slowing down

Where did the weeks go??
Between Norwegian Quilt Festival, late summer vacation and family, the weeks has just disappeared so fast.

Just back from a week in Marmaris Turkey, loaded with sun, relaxing, eating well and sleeping well.

Turkish pavement mosaics are great for inspiration too :-)

Not so much sewing going on, but I did get a few stitches in, sideways.

Freshly made lemonade on the beach was nice reading refreshment, daily :-)

Back on the straight and narrow - enjoying sewing in the new Quilt Corner again!


Sunday, September 07, 2014

A month without computer - back in business!

My computer died a month ago, and it has been in the shop since then.
Returning home on Tuesday, it still had some serious flaws and had to go back to the shop, but it is now back home to stay. Several parts inside are now new and working well.

Blog wise this summer has been a real mess and it would take forever to really catch up, so I have decided to just jump in where I am :-)

I have used Instagram actively through my cell phone, so if you are so inclined please stop by there too - user name Hanne Schneider / hannequilt

A lot of my photos can no be loaded on my blog right now, but I have been focusing on working on the Cornelian quilt by Helen Stubbings.
It is a lot of work indeed. I am not seeing the end of this quilt just yet, but good progress has been made.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

50 days challenge for myself


40 days ago I decided to give myself a 50 days challenge, with an average of 2 blocks a day on 2 projects – the one above + Cornelian quilt, which is in the stitchery phase.

Along the way I added a sewing machine project – the angel log cabin quilt.


My usual Tour de Fibre blogging went down the drain with some family matters here,
but I have kept up with my at-least-2-blocks-a-day on Instagram, with daily photos.

As much as I do enjoy writing my blog, the Instagram format is quicker, more like a postcard, and it fitted this challenge so well. If you are into Instagram, my user name is Hanne Schneider and/or hannequilt.




In between I have also done some knitting of dish cloths, the new fun-to-make and so nice to use in the kitchen.


No doubt – I will always be a quilter at heart, but knitting is very  fun and very portable, and with these smaller projects they are done before my arms acts up – win win!



10 days to go on this challenge!


The love of my life and dear companion for 32 years has had some serious health issues going on for the last year and a half.
He won the lottery last week  – the new growth / tumour is benign for now, and he will be back for a new ultrasound check-up in 6 months. The growth has held us on our toes for a while now and it is good to be able breath both in and out.
It surely sets everyday life in a new light – everyday life is not boring, it is good!

I do not know if it helps or anything, but I do believe that what you eat makes a difference, and I enjoy making food from scratch. All the chemical additives might make the food last for a long time, but I seriously doubt they are good for us!


Carrot lemon marmalade and home baked bread



Bread rolls with a lot of fiber


Just had to try cinnamon rolls with a half-wholegrain dough too – success!


Oatmeal cookies with real vanilla and raisins. The taste was so right, but they were a bit crumbly. I will try them again. Maybe they need more time in the oven?

Dinner includes a lot of veggies and less starch than before. If we are what we eat, we are getting there, meal by meal.



Give someone you love a hug today!