Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter joy and Four Weeks Focus


It has been a wonderful day – Easter vacation and sunshine, and the most gorgeous Easter egg ever from my dear husband.
The Easter egg came as a big surprise!
I can remember telling him that I did not want an egg filled with sweets this year, and he asked what to fill it with then, and I answered: maybe fabrics, with a smile.
After that I forgot all about it, but he did not….. He is a keeper indeed :-)


The weather has been beyond lovely this afternoon and it was a good moment to take a good photo of my 9-patch quilt. I love it and all the memories it gives me – of friendship, love and laughter with friends in Shipshewana, Indiana, USA.
I bought all the fabrics at Lolly’s in Shipshewana on one of my trips there.


We could enjoy the sunshine outdoors for the first time on our veranda this year, and DH served white wine “on the rocks”. He got some cooling rocks for his birthday in March, and they are nice to use.


I have found that it is time to find some focus projects and move them forward over a period of 4 weeks, without starting anything new.
Some hand work, some machine work, something fast, something not fast at all.

I need to put the pedal to the metal – stay tuned for updates!

believe in yourself


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This and that


Easter is here and it is nice to have some quiet days – well – maybe not so quiet, but fun and revitalizing sewing with friends.
The quilt from the previous post is done, but I have not taken a good photo of it yet.
I love how it turned out!

2014-03-26 17.25.18

Lately I have spent quite a lot of time baking different kinds of bread.
The wholegrain braided bread with sunflower seeds and grated cheese is one of my favourites so far, as it tastes good, keeps well and freezes well.
I love to find my own bread recipes – the daily bread is an important part of the nutrition – I do like to experiment with different ingredients. Grated carrots and grated cheese combined is a winner too.



Saturday through Monday I was spending time with a group of friends sewing all day.

Saturday I finished this 1600’’ top from my yellow scraps for a charity quilt.
Someone else with find a backing and do the machine quilting.

Making charity quilts is a win win situation – I get to find good fabrics in my boxes, have the pleasure of sorting and cutting and sewing, and someone will in the end be warmed by the quilt.

I am sure I am not the only quilter buying more than I can use for myself ??

Well – I am not buying that much anymore – or at least I try not to buy for storage  – I like to buy for using right away, and I am not saving the good stuff!  :-)


These lovely fabrics I just bought at my local store Trådsnella instead of buying Easter sweets for myself  :-)


I am very much in hand piecing mood these days – it is so relaxing, so I  have kick started an Ufo from a class with Sue Daley.
I hope to finish the table runner through the Easter holiday.
As you can see from the top photo, I have different hand projects on the go, and after the charity quilt I was working on the different projects through the weekend  :-)




True to the very best Easter tradition ever, I arrived at May Britt’s house yesterday and we had a lovely late lunch with Sunshine Buns.
Even if Easter is late this year, it is quite cold outdoors, so we have spent most of the time indoors.
We had a Sunshine Bun outdoors today, with a little bit of hand work on the side, but it soon was  to cold to sit there, even with thick coats and quilts over our knees.



Wishing you a Happy Easter !


easter greetings

Friday, April 04, 2014

Catching up


It has been a couple of busy weeks here, I have not spent much time in Quilt Corner.
I have spent time with quilt related activities thought, and it has been a nice time.

This quilt came back from Merete, my machine quilter on Sunday, and I love how it turned out.
The sewing down of the binding is on my to-do list for the weekend.


I am aiming at at least 2 finishes this weekend – this purse still needs some work too.
It’s time to dig out a zipper and get at it.



For the last 3 months I have really made an effort about using more than what I buy, all over the house, and the Quilt Corner is no exception.
It is time to cut some more jelly rolls for care quilts. I do not use much fall colours anymore, since we changed the colours in our house from matching brown to matching grey / blue.
One of my guilds is having a sew-together for care quilts this weekend, and I plan to participate tomorrow.
I think I will make a Jelly Roll Race quilt – they are fast and fun. I am not doing a quilt in an hour though, like the instruction says, but I can do it in a couple of hours when I have cut the stripes first. I plan to cut today and sew tomorrow.


A really big advantage about using from what I have and pairing down a bit, is that I find the real treasures – some of them well hidden, like these purple fabrics.
I am really really looking forward to use these fabrics shortly!


Pink flowers and insects greeting card


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quilt Corner un-inspected–and some comfort quilting

Comfort quilting has been going on!

I am very happy to have Marianne’s shop Trådsnella close by, and she has taken in the lovely pattern Sturbridge Stars + ruler and Apliquick tool.
I bought hand piecing templates for this quilt in Amsterdam – at Den Haan & Wagenmakers some years back, but they were out of the pattern.

Since then the lovely Lemoyne Star ruler has appeared, and the Apliquick tool is also great when machine piecing, as well as being great when doing hand applique.
I love multi use tools :-)

I started making some 6” stars and I think I will make the full quilt, eventually.






DH’s aunt celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday, and we were all invited to a lovely long high class lunch.
I know she has mentioned that she wanted some new placemats and I had a good time making some for her.
I love to make coordinated “scrappy” placemats – that way I never run out of the good fabrics, and I can easily make more as long as I do it the same colour and style.


I need to make some placemats for myself too!
I could easily have kept these for myself -  I think I have to cut fabrics from the same colours for some new placemats here.


rusket 3

It has been a strange week, with an un-inspected Quilt Corner.

I see the furball in the corner of my eyes all the time, and one early morning I also felt her brushing up against my legs – strange moment………

I realize I have spent a lot of time serving on her, front paws and back paws – opening the veranda door, letting her in and out and in and out, serving her food and snacks (frequently), having conversations with her, giving belly rubs and long nice strokes on the back and bushy tail.

As much as I loved having her, we will not get another quilt inspector, for several reasons.
Allergies in the family is one of the reasons (me included)


I have never met a prettier cat in all my life, and my heart belongs to you Tullerusk!

Rusket 2

You had a lot of cattitude, but we know you knew we loved you dearly,
and we were so happy we could take you in when your life were at a cross road when you were a young cat lady.
You were with me through sunshine and rain, laughter and tears,
sickness and health, through the 8 years we could spend with you.

It was lovely to give you a good life as long as it lasted – I treasure every day of it!


We are grateful for the vets trying their very best to find what was wrong with you through some very turbulent and troublesome days a week back.
I am happy they could give you some pain relief in the process –
enough pain killers to knock a horse over, according to the vet who were with you and us on the last day.

Acute cancer took away my favourite furry friend and quilt inspector.

You always loved the garden and the great outdoors, and when we get the ashes back from the vet in a few days, you last resting place will be in the garden.

We are so happy you were with us here as long as you could,
and you paw print will forever be on our hearts.

paw prints

You and me, Tullerusk, you and me!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quilt Inspector RIP


My one and only very best furry friend and favourite quilt inspector Tullerusk – Rusket amongst friends -  has passed away today!
We got many happy moments together and you should have lived for many years still.
You will be so missed and no one can or will ever take your place in Quilt Corner!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Eye candy from Marianne–KarmaQuilt


We have some good machine quilters here in my part of Norway, and I am happy to introduce to  you a fairly new one, Marianne Engeset Nybølet, KarmaQuilt
I had the pleasure of seeing these 3 beautiful quilts on Saturday.

No. 1 is designed by Trine Bakke at Lappemakeriet, and made and machine quilted by Marianne.


No 2 is designed by Camille Roskelley, pieced and machine quilted by Marianne.


No. 3 is designed by Sue Daley, pieced and machine quilted by Marianne.

Thanks for the eye candy Marianne – you do beautiful work! Good luck with your new business!



Quilting on the back burner


Life has been busy lately – but in spite of quilting being sort of on the back burner, I have managed to finish Life Is Beautiful!
I brought it to Show  & Tell at my guild last week.


It has been a while since it was a pile of blocks.


Joining strips quilt as you go style.


Numbered rows laid out.


Joining rows quilt as you go style.

Life is beautiful


This quilt and all its stitcheries brings back happy memories and I will treasure this quilt, even after all the 31 meters of binding.



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Purple Passion


I got this beautiful purple rose fabric as a gift, and I thought I would give it a good display in a block with some bigger pieces, so the roses would not get lost sin the cutting.
This is Nearly Insane block # 1.



Wishing you a good Wednesday,


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goals are good :-)


If you remember that I was working on Some Kind of Wonderful quilt a couple of years back (and a little in between), you are so right!

I still have the 2 more complex applique blocks to go, then joining, machine quilting and binding, and in my not so simple head I now think I can do it all through March.
I may come to regret that goal, but at least it is a goal.
If I fail in March, there is always April…….

Wouldn’t it be great to have this quilt done for show and tell when Anni Downs come in May…… yes, yes, yes!


I treated myself to Anni’s last book from Quiltmania recently – it is cute :-)

I have some other goals too – I am not sure if I should name them, but these are amongst them ;-)


Should keep me out of trouble for a while!