Saturday, October 31, 2015

A wonderful long weekend!


Last weekend my sewing group went on our annual 4 day retreat.

We book in to a hotel not to far from Oslo, buying an all inclusive conference pack - 3 meals a day + 2 conference rooms - one for sewing, the other one for setting up design walls.

I brought 3 projects:
An old Ufo-BOM for sewing machine + hand piecing - Alle Fugler by Northern Quilts
A pair of socks on my knitting needles
My red cross stitch project

2015-10-23 14.43.202015-10-24 12.03.172015-10-24 18.56.562015-10-24 18.57.112015-10-24 20.43.12

I did make some progress - the stitchery on these blocks were already made.

2015-10-25 06.51.30

I did make a few threads every day on my red embroidery - it was perfect for winding down at night before bed, in my room, or as here, as my morning thread(s) before going to breakfast, seeing the day waking up and checking Instagram.

2015-10-25 10.09.20

This year's project that we all do together was a nice mini bag.

2015-10-31 15.10.45

I like the mini bag, and I made mine without handles. We all worked from kits, and I can see some improvement that I want to do next time I made one.

2015-10-31 15.38.02

And what happened to my knitting, you might think?
To be honest, nothing much, not a stitch!

My friend Gretha has uploaded more photos from the retreat, if you want to see what we were up to through the weekend.

I am already looking forward to next year - same time, same friends, same place :-)

good food


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm having fun with handwork Ufos

2015-10-09 13.06.27

I feel a bit like a juggling artist, but I can assure you - never a dull moment here in Quilt Corner these days!
I am only working on my Ufos - which is great.

Some stitchery and English paper piecing - on the Cornelian quilt,

2015-10-09 13.42.09


Some cross stitching and crewel work - I really had forgot how slow cross stitching really is - but I do enjoy the process.



And finally - I un-knitted half a sock that did not fit, found myself a better pattern and am soon having a pair of nice fitting socks instead of a knitting-Ufo :-)



Monday, October 19, 2015

Jen Kingwell inspiration


Time flies when I am having fun - surrounding myself with the right kind of inspiration and the right kind of people :-)

It has already been a month since Jen Kingwell visited in Oslo, at Kathrines Quilte Stue's 4 days event, where I was the happy participant of 3 days.

Jen brought a lot of lovely quilts, a lot of inspiration and knowledge, mixed with her very pleasant personality.
I am taken, smitten, in love - with her way of thinking about fabrics and colours and all her lovely quilts!

Day one - I'm A Farmer's Daughter

2015-09-16 19.46.59

A creative day passes so fast - this is my block from day 1 :-)

Day no. 2: Daisy Do




The quilt is in Jen's new book. I love this book - I think I could easily make every project in it!



All the blocks made in Wednesday class.

Thursday class: Steam Punk



My blocks ready for the sewing machine.



All the blocks from Thursday class. Even if they are different in colours and fabrics, they all work very well together on a neutral background. Food for thoughts......... :-)

We had the most magnificent lunches every day, we could shop until we dropped. Kathrine had brought most of her shop. The trunk show and the Show & Tell was great - and I am definitively adding Jen on my Top 3 Favourite Designer List :-)

Thank You Kathrine & her staff and Thank You Jen!

P1020208reasons to be happy                                  1. Quilts

2. Fabrics

3. Colours



Friday, October 09, 2015

A busy week, daily threads, and an Ufo finish

2015-10-07 21.13.57

Really taking to heart how many hours of work that are hiding in my Ufo-boxes,
I dug out the Cornelian quilt blocks, and have done daily threads on the 2 remaining stitchery blocks as my daily thread(s) this week.
Daily threads do pay off, and now all the stitcheries are done.


Through the process I have decided I will alter the finished quilt a bit, and I therefore can now say I am done with all the stitcheries.

As much as I love blue, it will still be nice to put the blue DMC floss away for a while ;-)

I have been working on this quilt for 2 years, and I am now aware of what stopped it in its track:
The finished quilt is to massive for my taste - not to big - just to massive, and I am doing something about it!

I have dug out one more project to move forward by daily threads:


These Crewel work napkin rings looks so good.
They are very slow work, but I would like them finished in time for Christmas!
I think I can do it :-)


One has to have some starts too, right ?
The red table topper / candle mat is badly sun faded, and I would like a new one in time for advent.
In fact, I would like to make more than 1, but I am doing 1 at a time :-)


And finally - A Finish :-)
Dear Husband wanted another Sew Together Bag for his computer bits and bobs.
It was put to the side when it did not meet a travel deadline of his, but now it is done and he is happy!
It is in daily use - it does not get much better than that :-)

the most out of every day


Friday, October 02, 2015

I love my Ufos!

2015-10-02 08.26.49

I love my Ufos, every single one of them (I think) - I love them enough to move them forward to finish!
I  have looked through all my boxes today. It was a journey through different stages of my quilting life through the last plus minus 10 years. I have more than what you see here.
I will never be a no-Ufo person, but less is more, and my Ufo boxes are filled with so many hours of done work. It would be a shame to let all that hours go to waste, right?

2015-10-02 08.47.50

I love to decorate with quilts - plastic boxes do not look half as good as a finished quilt :-)

2015-10-02 08.48.33

My Ufo challenge makes me happy - it must be a good thing with the 1 to 1 ratio.

small steps

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
wherever you are!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hopes and dreams, threads and coffees

IMG_20150511_131434 (1)




Days have been flying, filled with family, friends, going to the gym, attending lovely Jen Kingwell classes, doing daily threads, finishing some Ufos, reading good books, drinking coffees.

I signed up 5 Ufos to one of my quilt guilds' summer challenge, finishing these 4.

It is a fact that too many Ufos do nothing good for my creativity - more like strangles it - so I am taking action in Quilt Corner these days, giving myself a 1 to 1 challenge through the next year, starting now.
For every project I start, I have to have a finish!

I know that most quilters can not work like that - I wonder if I can, I think I can :-)

I started by finishing the 5th Ufo from the challenge - a stitchery bought more than 25 years ago. It has been finished in a box for years. Now I can enjoy it on my kitchen table daily.



set goals


Sunday, September 06, 2015

Time flies when you are having fun (and are being busy)


As you may know, I love to make gifts for the special people in my life,
and this is a gift for my dear niece.
She was very happy with the gift and I am so blessed that she enjoys hand made gifts.



I made a see through bag for May Britt earlier in the summer too, as a Tour de Fibre prize, and filled it with some quilt necessities.
I could not blog it before she had received it, right? :-)


And finally, one for me :-)


It fits so nicely into my purse, bringing some English Paper Piecing and maybe a dish cloth knitting too.

I so enjoy picking colours and fabrics to make each recipient happy.
Conclusion: I can not make a pile of anything, for sale or for the drawer. 
I enjoy the personalization process far to much :-)

do small things with love