Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jack of many trades


I had so stopped knitting …….. but a woman is entitled to change her mind, right ? ;-)

I have occasionally been known to knit socks on 5 needles, which is fun too - and not to heavy on my arms.

Bamboo knitting needles happened, and the dishcloth-mania hit hard here in Norway.

There is a lovely group on Facebook, called Bittamis Design for strikkelystne,  by the Norwegian knit designer Bitta Mikkelsborg, who has written books on socks and dishcloths.
She is generously giving out free patterns for dishcloths! I love them!

Last summer I joined Bitta's dishcloth-along, and I have knitted many dishcloths, both for my own use and for gifts.

I knit in 100 % cotton, and the dishcloths holds up very well when washed.

There is a dishcloth-along going on right now too, and we are now on week 4, with one new pattern being released every Monday. 4 down, 1 to go.
There were also 2 waiting-for-the-dishcloth-along-to-start, so all in all 7 different patterns.


I try to use from the yarn I have in the house already, so I am sort of "testing" different brands of 100 % cotton.
I have a few favourites by now, and a couple of not so favourite yarns, even if all the dishcloths have turned out well when done.
I do not like yarn that is splitting - if you are a knitter, you know what I mean.


I wonder how all these purple yarn balls found their way into my house………… hmmmm………. I guess it is fairly obvious that I like purple :-)


The observant eye with spy that I have one favourite amongst this year's dishcloth patterns.

A ball of yarn and a circular needle always fit in my purse. It is easy to knit and chat at the same time, even when the light is not as good as what I need for stitchery and patchwork.

happy moments2

 Wishing you a creative day
wherever you are!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alle Fugler BOM finish

2016-07-04 13.55.00

I have debated with myself whether to blog backwards or to start “at the beginning” of my writer’s block, which really has been quite a while, but I have decided to do a little of both.

It has been busy in Quilt Corner in 2016 – not with starts really, but with many finishes, both big and small.
I know I have blogged about Alle Fugler BOM quilt before, and now it is all done, binding and all.

Nothing beats the feeling of a finished big Ufo, ever!

I bought this BOM from Northern Quilt – the design is Northern Quilt & Helene Juul.
It came as a kit in 2010, and it is still for sale.

Merete Ellingsen has done the machine quilting.

So much happened in 2010.
We had a death in the family and life in general was bumpy, so the first 3 months of this BOM got stuck in a box until autumn of 2015, when I decided to make this quilt one of my focus projects.
With the supportive cheering from friends, I could do it!

It was recently finished, and my husband likes the quilt so much I now have given it to him.

2016-07-04 13.55.33

2016-07-04 13.55.26

2016-07-04 13.55.51

The striped binding, which I really think lifted the whole quilt, I found recently at Lappemakeriet.

This is how this Alle Fugler quilt process has been:

which step did you reach today



keep calm and never give up

Wishing you a lovely day
wherever you are


Friday, July 22, 2016

Writer's block - and a big finish

I think I am lucky who have not experienced a writer's block before,
but when it struck, it struck long and hard. It has been unpleasant, for months, with a lot of thinking I want to write, I want to write, but I just can not find my writing mojo.......

Starting to write again feels like breaking in a new pair of shoes, and I am looking forward to the writing process getting in flow mood again.

I have been busy with the needle through 2016, and focusing mainly on Ufos, and have many finishes to show for it. Luckily I have never experienced a quilter's block - I hope I do not jinx myself by saying that...... I think not!

My plan is to blog sort of backwards, starting with my latest finish, the Some Kind of Wonderful quilt - My Favorite Things, a stitch-along from several years ago (2011- ), hosted by Chookyblue on Stitch-A-Long

I am so in love with all Anni Downs' designs, and this one is no exception.
This is my first big quilt all needleturn appliqued. I think I really love this quilt even more now than when I started it. Meeting Anni in Norway was special too!

Merete Ellingsen has done the machine quilting.

Wherever you go,
go with all your heart!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Quiltefryd

In April I had the pleasure of visiting the "new" Quiltefryd shop in Tønsberg with my friend Eva.
Quiltefryd changed owner this winter and it was exciting to visit and see
how the shop is now, with the new owner Marit.

Good luck Marit - your shop is very nice and inviting!


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy 17. May

Life has been busy in Quilt Corner lately, and I have a back log of blogging to do, but I think I can start where I am, today, celebrating the Norwegian Constitution Day with my family.

We have had the most wonderful May day, with sun and a good temperature.

It is lovely to dress up in national costumes.

Our oldest daughter E. stopped by and we all went together to visit with family for a lovely meal.

I hope you have had a lovely day too!


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Every stitch counts!

I have been spending a lot of time with this quilt top, Alle Fugler, by Northern Quilts lately, and now it is done and delivered to Merete for machine quilting.
It feels so great to be done with this quilt top!
Last time you saw it, it lacked the lower 1/3.
That part had some machine piecing, some appliqué and some stitchery, all in all 32 units

Hand work and colourful treats always go well together :-)
The beautiful candle is hand painted by my youngest daughter's mother in law.
She is so skilled and she urges us to burn and enjoy her candles.
Much like how I urge the recipients of my quilts to use them :-)

My dear husband never complains when I spread out on the dining room table, as long as I put away the blocks if we invite guests :-)

He likes this quilt very much, so I asked if he would like to have it for himself, as a gift from me, and he is very happy about that.
I will not be slow putting binding on it once it returns home :-)

* Wishing you a happy day *


Monday, April 11, 2016

Focus project this week

My goal for this week is to finish this quilt top.
Quite ambitious, as what you see above is 2/3 of the quilt top, and what you see below is the last 1/3.
I have a few more units done, but not to many. I have been working on this Ufo through the winter, and now I am so ready to get it done and send it out to be machine quilted.

I think I can do it - one unit at a time :-)

Always believe something good is about to happen

- Hanne -

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Small and big finishes :-)

I so love every design from Anni Downs, Hatched and Patched,  and this little sewing caddy was so much fun to make :-)
You can find the pattern in her latest book, The Story of My Day.

2 weeks ago I went down with the worse cold of the decade, and I did not have strength to do much more than coughing for several days.
Many hours were spent under a quilt, napping and watching mindless TV.

I knew I were on the mend when I could hold my knitting for a couple of hours a day.
Knitting with variegated thread always spurs me on, as I so enjoy seeing how the patterns and colours comes to life.
My dishcloths are in great demand - that is a very good thing, so I can knit more.
I love the lace patterns the best, but this pattern called Cupid's Arrows also turned out nice.
The design is by Bittami.

My favourite aunt is 75 years old today, and this is our gift to her!
I so enjoyed making her this lap quilt and I hope she will use it a lot, both indoors and outdoors.
Merete machine quilted this quilt for me with a nice flower pattern all over.

I so enjoy making these plus blocks for plus people in my life, so after 2 quilts I am still not bored.
I have another plus quilt on my to do list in the foreseeable future :-)

- Wishing you perfect moments wherever you are -

Monday, March 07, 2016

Focus project February

I started this quilt, Natures Journey by Anni Downs / Hatched and Patched,  about 1 year ago, with doing appliqué on the border blocks.

I did the most of the big border blocks (6 inches) and after a while something else caught my interest and the blocks were put in a box.

I love Anni Downs' designs and it really was a shame to have this beauty in a box, so I decided to give the project full focus through February.

Since I am working from my own stash - as  you know, I am not a kit person - it really took some time to find the colours that make my heart sing,
I like clear colours, light colours, but not to bright colours.

Work wise, I sort of jump from one month in a block of the month project to another and back again, depending on the finished project. I am not at all good at following someone else's suggested progress.
I am sure that is why most of my block of the month projects come to a halt within months.

After restarting the project I finished the centre appliqué block, then worked on with the checker board border.

Next in line was the appliqué square border between the centre block and the checker board border.

Placing the squares was a challenge too, but it turned out great.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and it was a dream to work with colours. The winter sun is very bright and gives good colour reading, and sunshine always boosts my energy too!

As the mid section was joined it was very inspiring to finish the last blocks for the applique border.

All the tables in my home has been used over the last weeks - and here is the finished quilt!
Merete at has done the machine quilting.

- Wishing you a wonderful day where you are -